Greetings...It's so very nice to meet you!

My name is Lisa Bluitt (aka Miz Bluitt) and although I am just beginning my journey with a professional career in photography and makeup artistry, I have had a love for both crafts for as long as I can remember. Usually I am the friend or family member that brings her camera to all events and is the one that captures those special moments. For years my inner circle has relied on me to provide a service I've always enjoyed, so now I am sharing my talents with the public. Travel and landscape photography are my other loves, so stay tuned for the pictorial documentation of my adventures.

My technical background and my passion for art, beauty and creativity has led me on a new path. It would be my pleasure to work with you and bring life to your vision. 

Thank you for the support and ALL you do!

Lisa Bluitt
Freelance Photographer, Makeup Artist, Web Developer, Creator